Solid Tires for Skid Steer Loaders

24 July 18

Skid steer loaders, the “Swiss Army Knives” of machines, a machine with an ability to turn within its own footprint enabling it to work in tight spaces can come handy in a variety of operations such as digging, moving landscaping and building materials, grading, loading trucks and even jackhammering cement.
Skid steer loaders are generally factory fitted with pneumatic tires which are inherently prone to punctures, damage and fast wear, due to the severe service conditions in which these machines are used. This result in losses associated with frequent repair and replacement, downtime, and additional costs associated with the excess inventory of spares.
To address these issues, solid tires with application-specific patterns suitable for skid loaders have been developed. Solid tires are 100% puncture-proof and are made from highly wear resistant rubber compounds. This gives them a lifespan three to five times that of conventional pneumatic tires. These tires also significantly improve occupational safety as there is no possibility of tire blowout related accidents.
The tires have an abrasion resistant thread that is specifically compounded for use on a wide range of working conditions that skid steer loaders are used in. Furthermore, Solid skid steer tires have useable tread depths between 65 to 90mm as compared to 20-25 mm tread depths on most pneumatic skid steer tires currently available. The extra deep tread gives a greater wear volume, consequently enhancing the lifespan of the tire.
Innovative features include Side-Wall Apertures in the tires that absorb shock and provide cushioning, thereby providing a stable ride.  The side-wall apertures also provide additional traction by allowing the tire to flex and grip better on uneven work surfaces that skid steer loaders are typically used on.
The cut-resistant Traction Lug tires are suited for use on rough terrain, and uneven, semi-prepared surfaces typically found on construction, mining and demolition sites. The tread design provides traction in the dirt and extended tire life on uneven surfaces. Traction Lug tires are available in different tread depths, lug-void ratios, and sidewall aperture arrangements to suit the application.
Smooth tires are made with extra rubber and an abrasion-resistant tread compound. This makes them ideally suited for use on hard abrasive surfaces such as highways, airport-runways and other paved surfaces, like factories, foundries, recycling-plants and waste transfer stations where the floor may be contaminated with flash, slag, glass, etc. These tires also have a higher load carrying capacity.
All solid skid steer tires are mounted on Heavy-Duty wheels and are supplied as ready-to-fit assemblies. No special mounting equipment is required. Machine operators can change tires with ease.
Fewer replacements mean that costs associated with re-purchase, downtime, inventory and repair are significantly reduced. Solid tires are therefore a viable cost-effective alternative for the customer to seriously consider.
The factors above combine to offer a product that significantly improves equipment utilization in severe applications where tires are puncture prone and susceptible to damage. Besides providing the user complete peace of mind, these zero-maintenance tires are a sound investment for demanding applications such as construction, mining, port handling, recycling, steel making, solid waste management, scrap handling, etc.