Solid Tires for Aerial Work Platforms

11 July 18

Aerial work platforms are used to provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at heights and are frequently deployed in the construction industry and for a variety of maintenance applications.
Tires being the only connection between the vehicle and the terrain, it is critical to ensure that they are reliable, safe and performance-worthy anytime & every time. This is of even greater importance when tires are used on construction equipment such as aerial work platforms, boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers etc.
Currently, some AWP tires are made puncture-proof by a process called foam filling which involves injecting the pneumatic tires with liquid polyurethane elastomers that cure into a synthetic rubber. While this renders the tires puncture-proof, they are still prone to damage due to the operating conditions in which these machines are used.
Low profile solid tires specially designed for all types of elevated work platforms ranging from 20’ rough terrain scissors to 150’ boom lifts are now available.
Besides being 100% flat proof, solid tires offer users several additional advantages over foam filled pneumatics at no additional cost. Solid tires have high damage resistance and a deeper tread depth resulting in better grip & longer service life. The lower sidewall flex eliminates the bouncy ride typically associated with foam filled tires.
Unlike foam filling which has a turnaround of anywhere between 2 to 4 days, solid tires can be immediately & easily fitted on site as these are supplied as ready to fit assemblies. Thus reducing, downtime, TCO (total cost of ownership) & CPH (cost per hour).