Puncture Proof Technologies

30 July 18

Industrial & Construction Equipment such as Aerial Work Platforms, Boom Lifts, Skid Steer Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Mining Equipment, Port Cranes, Tele-Handlers etc. are normally fitted with pneumatic tyres. When these machines are used in severe service/harsh underfoot conditions they are prone to frequent punctures, tyre damage and fast tyre wear resulting in losses associated with frequent repair and replacement, downtime & delays.

In some applications such as lifting & underground mining, punctures pose a significant safety risk to man & machine.

Following are the technologies that make tyres 100% puncture-proof:

  1. Solid/Semi-Solid Industrial Tyres:

These tyres have a special full rubber, airless construction and are therefore puncture proof. They have an extra deep tread for long, uninterrupted service. Semi solid tyres have specially designed Sidewall apertures to provide shock absorption & ride comfort.

These are suitable for high load, low speed, short haul applications. The other major advantage being service life, which is typically 3 to 5 times that of pneumatic tyres.

Such tyres are available for small to medium sized equipment.

  1. PU Foam Filling:

Foam Filling Tyres is a process in which a pneumatic tyre is injected & pressurized with a special 2 component urethane polymer in a precise proportion using a special metering pump. The polyurethane cures into a soft, resilient, synthetic rubber core replacing the air in the tyre.

The resultant filled tyre is thus rendered puncture proof and maintains the required inflation pressure throughout its service life. PU Filled tyres have a full footprint & are capable of carrying their rated load at all times.

The soft core is designed to provide a ride similar to air filled pneumatic tyres.

Both of the above are zero maintenance and significantly improve productivity, safety & capital efficiency.